Pipe Moulding Technology

Eferest pipeline modules and connectors are produced using bending and manipulator methods. Application fields are offshore, pipeline and reactor construction. Our connectors are produced with wall thicknesses of up to 40 mm.


  • Dimensions with wall thicknesses from 180 mm clear diameter with 20 mm wall  thickness up to a clear diameter of 1,100 mm with a wall thickness of 100 mm

Application fields:

  • Offshore and marine sector
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulics industry
  • Conveyor and lifting technology
  • Energy and environment
  • Motor construction
  • Construction pipe


  • Cable drums
  • Pylons for bridge construction
  • Thick-walled pipes (welded longitudinal seam)
  • Container coatings
  • Connecting pipes
  • Linings (roller coating)
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Flange rings
  • Conic pipe connectors for hall/stadium construction

The number and size of our pressure container modules depends on your individual demands.

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